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Noreen's Notes

January 16, 2007

After four long years serving as the Mystery Writers of America-Mid-Atlantic Chapter president and on the MWA National Board of Directors as Executive-vice-president and Secretary, I'm free at last. I get paroled Saturday at my final board meeting in New York City when as chair of the Nominating Committee I'm presenting the new slate of officers.

Not that it hasn't been fun, but I'm so ready to retire.

And what a sendoff the Mid-Atlantic Chapter gave me at our January dinner meeting. I'd been invited to discuss and sign Hurricane Homicide, my latest Kate Kennedy book. To my surprise, the evening turned out to be a tribute touching my heart while celebrating my life: Like being eulogized without the inconvenience of being dead.

Special thanks to Reed Coleman, Caroline Todd, Elaine Viets, and Barry Zeman who sent warm praise that sent shivers through my soul. I understand their letters will be placed in an album with letters from other authors. Wow! How did I get so lucky?

Somehow, abetted by my sneaky son and my sneakier fiancÚ, Carla Coupe [the Mid-Atlantic's secretary, and Sandi Wilson, the treasurer,] raided my photograph albums and turned them into a CD retrospective of my life. Thank God, they missed the hot pants and toreador pants, but they didn't miss much else.

I'd forgotten how many different hair styles and hair colors I sported over all those decades; now the Mid-Atlantic mystery writers know and so does Clarence Williams, the Washington Post reporter, who covered the event. If you spot a beehive or a shag in the Style Section, that would be me.

It was a night to remember. A huge bouquet of my signature white flowers, a beautiful silver bracelet from Tiffany's, and best of all, a room full of friends and fellow authors.

How lucky can a girl [or a senior citizen] get?

Then just when I thought things couldn't be any better, I heard that I was Mystery Loves Company Bookstore's # 1 bestselling author for all of 2006 and that Hurricane Homicide was # 5 on the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association's January 2007 Bestseller List.

I thank all my readers whose support made those numbers possible.

May you all be blessed with health, happiness, and success. And, of course, be surrounded with good books.


AKA Nora

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