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Noreen's Notes

June, 2007

Summer Moves

Dear Reader,

I've always thought of myself as a summer girl -- loving gossamer dresses and crisp white shorts, and sexy sandals, and barefoot walks on the beach with Cherries in the Snow polish on my toes. But that was long before a best-selling book categorized all women as Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall and advised us to only select colors and makeup that flattered our predestined season.

According to the author's color chart, I was a full-fledged spring. To further confuse matters, I preferred autumn hues and had a business wardrobe filled with suits, shirts, and sweaters in shades of amber, russet, and burnt sienna. I tried the spring pastels and felt I looked washed out. What I needed was the golden glow of a summer tan. This, of course, was back in the day when we could still bask in the sunshine without guilt.

Endless summer was what I wished for on bundled-up winter mornings as I rode the IRT from 86th and Lexington down to Grand Central Station and my job in the Chrysler Building.

Now, a quarter of a century later, I'm getting my wish. At the end of June, I'll be moving to Sarasota, Florida with my new husband, Steve, to begin a life of endless summer.

The last time I lived in Florida, albeit on the other coast, I worked full time -- until I became a writer and worked double time -- now I will be retired. Well, maybe semi-retired. I'll be teaching my Workshops in Murder at the Pierian Spring Academy -- an adult education program -- this fall and winter. Apparently, like me, other retired Sarasota residents are killers at heart.

And I'm working on a nonfiction book: What Will You Do When You're Seventy-two?

It should be a bestseller in Sarasota!

Stay tuned.
Noreen AKA Nora

PS - Don't forget Death Rides the Surf debuts this month -- one critic said it moves like the wind and is the perfect beach read.


AKA Nora

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