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Noreen's Notes

Fall 2006

Welcome to my website! I hope you'll be a frequent visitor. Do you like the sea? The ocean -- not unlike a good mystery novel -- intrigues, fascinates, comforts and, at times, terrifies me. It always has and it always will.

As a small child I would sit in the sand at Rockaway Beach -- where Queens meets the Atlantic Ocean -- trying to dig a hole to China. My mother assured me if I dug deep enough I'd reach Shanghai. So plastic shovel flying, I flung damp, khaki-colored sand into careless piles, watching the hole grow deeper, until I grew tired enough to nap... no doubt achieving my mother's goal, if not my own.

I still love to trudge through the sand, whitecaps tickling my toes, as the sea sparkles in the moonlight.

When I lived in Florida, I'd sit on my balcony watching the moon rise over the ocean, mesmerized by the ever changing colors in the sky and in the water.

Designing this web page with Beth, I wanted to capture that palette, those beautiful shades of blue segueing from aqua, to teal, to navy. What do you think? I love the look: It makes me want to stroll along the seashore.

My senior sleuth, Kate Kennedy, often walks her Westie, Ballou, along the water's edge in Palmetto Beach, Florida. The sea air clears her head while mulling over a murder, figuring out a clue, or even discovering a body.

Though I fictionalized the name of the town to protect the guilty, those of you who have traveled along A1A from Fort Lauderdale to Boca Raton will recognize it.

Hurricane Homicide, fourth in the series, will be published December 5th.

My editor says it's the best book I've ever written -- and who am I to disagree? A dual mystery, Hurricane Homicide is set in present day Florida and New York City in 1950 when thirteen year old Kate has an encounter with Ethel Rosenberg in the ladies room at the Russian Tearoom. Their meeting becomes the motive for the current Palmetto Beach murder of a celebrity weatherman. See if you can figure out the connection!

And please stop by again to enjoy the view.


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