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Death Rides the Surf

Death Rides the Surf (2007)

June 2007

When the surfer crush of Kate Kennedy's granddaughter is killed -- and foul play is suspected -- Kate must clear her granddaughter's name before she's thrown to the sharks.

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Hurricane Homicide

Hurricane Homicide (2006)

TV weatherman Uncle Weatherwise is the condo's newest arrival. But when a hurricane he predicted would bypass Palmetto Beach forces an evacuation, Kate Kennedy stumbles upon his corpse. Suddenly she's on a trail of suspects that may lead back to the Cold War.

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Death is a Bargain

Death is a Bargain (2005)

A table opens up for Kate Kennedy and her friend at the Palmetto Beach Flea Market. When a fellow vendor is murdered Kate must find out who had a motive to put him out of business.


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Who Killed Swami Schartz

Who Killed Swami Schwartz? (2005)

At a dinner benefit for the yoga institute founder, Swami Schwartz, Swami sips a spiked double espresso, and keels over dead. Now Kate must sort through suspects-- including a shady business partner and a pretty yoga student--who may have shared more than a lotus-position with the yogi.

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Death with an Ocean View

Death With an Ocean View (2004)

Once a snowbird, now a full-time resident and sometime sleuth Kate Kennedy "is a stylish and sophisticated Miss Marple, seeking justice in sunny South Florida instead of a rainy English Village, and meeting the most delightfully eccentric suspects in the process" (Victoria Thompson, author of Murder on Mulberry Bend.)

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Enter Dying Enter Dying (2002)

Jake O’Hara has a lot to celebrate. Not only will she be her mother’s maid of honor at her forthcoming wedding, but she has been offered her most lucrative ghostwriting work yet – punching up the script for the Broadway musical Suzy Q before it premieres. Unfortunately the star of the show is Elaine Eden, the award winning actress of stage and screen, and a Titanic tinseltown twit in Jake’s eyes.Elaine has her share of enemies in this production, including her ex-husband, a young up and coming actress, and the play’s author, who happens to be the producer’s boyfriend. When she falls to her death from a ladder during a stunt, no one is surprised to learn the ladder was tampered with. Now it’s up to Jake to discover which one of Elaine’s many critics chose to drop the curtain on her.
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Remembrance of Murders Past Remembrance Of Murders Past (2001)

Manhattan ghostwriter Jake O’Hara has been meaning to get her so-called love life-and her career- back on track. But, lately, it hasn’t been easy. Especially now that her soon-to-be married mother has witnessed a murder-in a confessional, no less. Shortly after Maura O’Hara arrived at the church, Father Billy Blake-controversy-plagued priest, anti-death penalty activist, and spiritual advisor to a notorious hit man-was shot dead. It’s no secret that Father Blake had a number of enemies-from a scheming drug lord to a dangerous clan on death row. Coming up with a list of suspect’s isn’t the problem. Jake’s more worried about keeping her mother out of harm’s way. For she’s unknowingly stepped into a tangled web of mystery and murder-one that ties in to the deadly sins of the past…
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Death Comes for the Critic Death Comes for the Critic (2000)

A summer in the sun has sent ghostwriter Jake O’Hara out of her beach house and into the poorhouse. But help is about to come from an unlikely place. Acerbic book critic Richard Peter, voted the man most Americans love to hate, has written himself into a corner by accepting a whopping advance for a murder mystery he can’t deliver. With his publisher on the warpath, Peter’s willing to share a generous slice of the pie with a discreet wordsmith like Jake. The problem is, plenty of people would love to stab Peter in the back. And before long, one of them does-literally.Now Manhattan’s gutsiest ghostwriter is left ghosting for the dead-and chasing down clues to a murder that hasn’t seen its final chapter…
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Death Never Takes A Holiday Death Never Takes A Holiday (2000)

Jake O’Hara and her colleagues are looking forward to a complimentary weekend in Manhattan’s swanky Plaza Hotel, the venue for the Greater New York Crime Writers Conference. The conference kicks off on St. Patrick’s Day, making the atmosphere a bit more festive-and chaotic-than usual. But things get way out of hand when Senator-turned-writer Charlie Fione and actress-turned-writer Holly Halligan partake of some green beer-that leaves them permanently green around the gills.Now Jake’s Irish eyes are far from smiling as she delves into a mystery and tries to rewrite a murderer’s plot-as only New York City’s finest ghostwriter can…
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Ghostwriter (1999)

Jake O’Hara never expected a séance at a New York apartment to be part of her job. Jake had signed on as a ghostwriter, secretly writing for a grande dame of mystery fiction who’s talent died before she did. The author’s East Side residence was impressive. But her entourage-from a Mrs. Danvers-like housekeeper to a lurking hypnotherapist-was creepy. Still, it was all in a day’s work-until a killer started going after ghostwriters, and Jake suspected that she was chillingly close to the culprit. Attending a séance and asking the dead for spiritual help was one option. Some brilliant sleuthing was another- before Jake’s next deadline turned out to be her own funeral.
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Foxy Forever Foxy Forever (2000)

Noreen Wald imparts her wisdom on the benefits of growing older with humor and wit. She dispels the notion that the best years are over and gives advice that will help you achieve optimal happiness in reaching each milestone of maturity. Life has just gotten fuller and richer, and it’s time to celebrate you, the super-woman who juggled career, kids, friendships, in-laws, and demanding bosses. Defy the rules of growing older. Get better with age.
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Contestant Contestant (1996)

The clock is ticking…your hand is on the buzzer…now it’s your turn! Which show is perfect for me? Where do I go to audition, and how do I get chosen? What should I wear? How can I prepare? Do I have to be charming? Is there such a thing as too much enthusiasm?Originally Jane Fonda’s partner on PASSWORD, Noreen Wald went on to CONCENTRATION, MATCH GAME, THE $10,000 PYRAMID, JEOPARDY!, CROSSWITS, and the forgettable EYE GUESS-amassing vacations, furs, furniture, appliances, and lots of cash along the way. AND NOW SHE REVEALS ALL TO ONE AND ALL THE SECRETS OF HER WINNING WAYS.
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