Things You Can Do to Ensure Your Partner Reaches Orgasm

Unlike men, women are known to have difficulty in reaching orgasm. For men, just a thought about a sexy lady and boom! He can jerk off any moment provided he is in good health. On the other hand, women need attention and care to reach that point. Penetration alone is not enough to make a woman orgasm. Not getting the optimum pleasure during sex can be frustrating. Sometimes, your partner may cum before you orgasm, and you may feel wasted. You do not have to be in a hurry while having sex with your partner. Below are some of the things you can do to make your partner orgasm.

1. Create the mood

You can start with a boost in the mood. Block unnecessary thoughts and disturbances by switching off your phone. Light some romantic candle to brighten the mood. You can watch some porn clips together to initiate the arousal. Tune to a romantic song that describes what emotions your partner evokes in you. By this, you are preparing yourself physically and mentally before you embark on the act.

2. Foreplay

It is the most crucial factor when it comes to sex. Gently kissing every spot of your partner’s body is romantic. It’s pleasurable too. You do not have to be perfect but then, showing that you are in the act together is romantic. Give your partner the attention they need. Caress her breasts and nibble on the nipples. Have time to explore what sets makes her squirm. You can give a blow job and receive a pussy lick. Tongue teasing her vaginal will set her body ablaze, passionately watch her as she moans with pleasure. You can also do small bites on the clit. Rub her clit until her pussy is wet enough to accommodate a penetration.

3. Incorporate sex toys

You can incorporate some vibrators for vaginal and anal stimulation. Use the vibrator around her clit and other erogenous parts to quicken arousal. Have a couple of toys to have some for anal arousal and the vaginal arousing. By this, you avoid transmission of anal bacteria. You can use the vibrators for penetration or foreplay.

4. Rubbing with the fingers

You can use your fingers to scheme her private area. Use horizontal and vertical strokes to stimulate the clit. You will know which one she likes most as you switch from horizontal to vertical touches.

Knowing what your partner needs to orgasm is the gateway for a satisfying bedroom moment. Take time to learn your partner’s erogenous zones for a fantastic moment.

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